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I still don’t like to write about myself but figured something should be in here that is slightly descriptive.

I am female (aka – a woman).  I would say how old I am but I am old enough not to want people to know my age but not too old that I don’t absolutely LOVE celebrating my birthday (people smile, give me presents and there is cake…what is there not to love?).  I also dislike the idea that people will put me in a category depending on my age (twenty-something/thirty-something/over-forty/pushing fifty….etc.) So, for now, my age is a secret.

As you can tell from my posts, I am a Christian.  I belong to a Lutheran Church (ELCA) and am quite active in the church. But that is my family (outside my regular family) and friends and I want to do my part to make this world a better place and to do God’s will.

I hope that is enough of a description about me.  Maybe, as time goes on, you can glean other facts about me like I have long red hair and blue eyes and am somewhat tall but not too tall and that I like to cook and bake and go to movies and…..oops….sharing too much now.

That is all. Better read this fast because in a day or two, I may decide that I hate to write about myself again and delete it.