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Defying Gravity

My bedroom window looks out into the backyard and my neighbor’s backyard.  My neighbor’s driveway runs right along the side of the house ending with the shed.  They put up a portable basketball hoop every spring for the kids to play basketball.  I have noticed that now that the kids are older, they don’t tend to play very often but their grandfather kindly puts the hoop out for them anyway.

About a month ago, I noticed that there is a basketball in the hoop.  Yes, in the hoop.  Like someone took a shot and the basketball just got stuck in the net. Check this out:

Basketball Hoop

Now, why is this?  It’s a net.  Made from rope.  It should be flexible and expand to let the basketball slide on through.  Yet it is holding this basketball in place, like a giant orange in a fruit basket.  Why?

I may not know a whole lot about science but I do understand the laws of gravity.  Isaac Newton proved the laws of gravity when the apple fell on his head.  Basically what goes up, must come down.  The earth’s gravity will pull it down.  No matter what.  Except if it is the magic basketball net in my neighbor’s yard that has a hold on that basketball and will not let it go.  It’s like it is saying “This is MINE and YOU can’t have it!!”.

What puzzles me more than the basketball stuck there is that they are leaving it stuck there.  No one has taken a ladder and climbed up there to take it down.  Or taken a long stick and poked it up until it popped out.  They seem to be content to leave the basketball stuck in the net.  I have been tempted to go over and ask them about this but I didn’t want them to remove it until I took the picture.  Now that I have my picture, maybe I’ll go over and ask them why the basketball is stuck in the hoop.  Or maybe I’ll just see how long it stays that way.  If they can stand this oddity of nature, so can I.  Really.  Despite the fact that this is the first thing I see in the morning.  I won’t obsess about it.

Ok…I will.  Next time I seem them working in the yard I’ll ask them about it and post what they say.

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