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We had a very interesting Bible Class last night. We started discussing what we thought heaven would be like. The usual things came up…golden roads, marble walls, jewels everywhere…all the earthly things that we value and think of as riches. But I’m not so sure that is what heaven is or that I would want it to be that way. That way of thinking seems to me to be pretty superficial. And is that what would really make you happy? Would it make you happy to spend eternity wandering along golden roads, staring at marble walls and gazing at beautiful jewels? Is that your idea of paradise?

I think heaven is more of a state of mind. I have stated in a previous posting that to me heaven is living in pure love. Residing in pure joy. Being perfectly content and completely happy. All the time. I’m not saying that heaven isn’t a place. I think it is a very real place. It is where all those who have gone before us are residing. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who have died are waiting there for me (and you if you want to visit with them too). But in my mind, I don’t see heaven as what it looks like but as to who is there. And how happy I will be just to be with my loved ones again. I don’t care if we are sitting in an empty room with a wood floor and plain walls. As long as we are happy and with each other, that would be heaven.

It does state in the Bible that Jesus has gone before us to prepare a place for us. A mansion, so to speak. But since God’s thoughts are above our thoughts and His ways above our ways, why would a heavenly mansion be anything like an earthly mansion? I like to think that the place he has prepared for me is so much beyond my imagination that I don’t even try to imagine what it would be like. What I might think is paradise is a mere shadow of what God would consider paradise. I just am looking forward to being content, happy and full of joy, feeling complete and, above all, living in pure love. THAT would be heaven!

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