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Time Suckers

Every once in a while…actually a couple of times a week…my brother, Ted, sends me a link to something that he thinks I will find interesting.  Each of them is, in fact, quite interesting.  But they are also, TIME SUCKERS.

Time Suckers.  Things that I have to read or watch on-line when I really have better things to be doing (such as updating the blog).  But I can’t help myself.  First of all, because he took the time to send it to me.  Very thoughtful. Thus, the courteous thing is to watch or read the item because it would be rude not to read or watch.  Secondly, it is in fact, intriguing.  And so I can’t pull myself away.

For instance, there was this gem…

which lead to this one…

Fascinating and VERY funny!!  So funny that now my brother and I only have to say one line from them and we just start cracking up.  “The ducks will no doubt be flying south for the winter soon so it will not be an issue. It is probably for the best as they are not getting along very well with my seventeen cats anyway. .”  If you read it, you will understand.

Tonight, Ted sent me a link to a bunch of inmates in a Philippine prison doing the Thriller dance.  Something like over 1,000 inmates in orange jumpsuits dancing in perfect rhythm.  Here it is…

Which, of course, led me to watch the one of them doing Radio Gaga…

It has now been almost an hour of watching these things and then blogging about them.  Like I said, TIME SUCKERS!!!  They are sucking away my time when I have much better things to be doing… watching TV.

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