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Good Intentions

Although earlier forms of the proverb omit the first part of the quote, the most familiar version of it is “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. To me, that is more appropriate than “hell is paved with good intentions”. Since Life is a journey and thus we are on a road.

Why is this relevant? When I started this blog, or, I should say, my brother set up this blog for me, I had fully intended on posting each day. I just realized I haven’t posted since I was on vacation and was at my sister’s house writing about our visit to Detroit.  I could say I have good reasons why I didn’t write anything else. We were busy the rest of my vacation. Since I came back, I’ve been busy catching up on everything that didn’t get done while I was gone. I’ve been tired from being on vacation. All very valid excuses but still, excuses. And, still, not getting anything posted on the ol’ blog.

So, in the interest in posting something, I was thinking about my intentions and how Life gets in the way of good intentions.  Like all the correspondence I have “intended” to do in the past few days. A note to the woman living in our old house apologizing for taking pictures without her permission.  A note to a friend who is taking care of her elderly father so that she would know she is in my thoughts and prayers. A thank you note to the two friends who drove me to and from the airport and to my neighbor for watching my cats.  A thank you note to my sister for letting me come and visit her since I essentially invited myself.  I am hoping that this weekend I will take the time to write my “intended” notes and correspondence. At least, that is my intent.

What are your intentions? What have you been putting off or avoiding for whatever reason that really should be dealt with? Let’s make a promise together. Let’s support each other in getting things done that need to get done. Then we can all feel better, sleep better and don’t have to worry about that whole “road to hell” thing.

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