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Christmas Eve

It is December the 24th.  Christmas shopping is done.  My presents are all wrapped and under the tree (except for the ones that are going to my sister’s in-laws tomorrow…they’re wrapped but in a Target bag).  I have a carrot cake made for the dinner tomorrow but still need to frost it.  Church starts in 40 minutes so we are going there and then, when we get back, I’ll frost the cake.

For the last several years, I have been Worship Assistant at my church in December.  Which means that one of my tasks during the service is to lead the prayers.  Which also means I write prayers every week.  Usually on the Sunday before Christmas, I pray about the true meaning of Christmas and how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle and bustle so much that we forget that this is about Jesus’ birth.  I pray it and I mean it.

I was thinking about that this morning when I woke up.  I was lying in bed thinking about how busy I have been the last few weeks and the few things I needed to get done today before I would be ready to really celebrate Christmas.  In other words, check things off the list: bake cookies – check; buy presents – check; travel to my sister’s house  – check; finish prep work for Christmas – check; oh yeah, pray and acknowledge Christ – oh, that can wait.  I’ll do it later.  When I have more time.  When I can concentrate.  When I’m not so stressed.  When I’m not so busy.  But does Jesus wait to help me?  Does He wait to take care of me? Does He wait to guide me?  No.  He is here. He is now. He never leaves me or puts me off until his check list is done. Even when I’m too busy, He isn’t too busy.

The popular saying is “Jesus is the reason for the season”.  Handy and catchy!  But let’s not lose the meaning behind it.  Jesus is the whole reason we celebrate Christmas.  The only reason.  I feel like I have been too busy to really let that sink in.  But it was sinking in this morning.  It’s like I finally stopped long enough in my preparation for Christmas to take notice of Christmas.

Some deep and meaningful thoughts on a Christmas Eve.  Take care of yourselves throughout tonight and tomorrow.  Also, take care to acknowledge Jesus’ birth.  The reason for all of this.

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