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Random Searches

I am now in western Michigan, Holland to be exact, visiting my sister and her family (husband and five kids).  Other than being really tired from traveling all morning (first flight was at 6 am), I am having a great time!!!

Something odd happened at Logan International Airport in Boston.  I was waiting for my first flight when I noticed two TSA officials wheeling a cart over near the check in for the gate.  After a while, the woman checking people in said that the TSA would be randomly checking people before they can get on the flight.  Sure enough, as people start lining up to go on the plane, the gentleman from the TSA asked a couple of people to step over to their portable counter to be checked.  In between checking people, he kept staring at me, so I figured that I would be asked to come over.

Sure enough, as I got up to go on the plane, he asked me to come over to be searched.  They searched through my carry-on and my purse and checked my ID.  I cooperated only because I didn’t want to get arrested but I thought the whole thing was pretty stupid and didn’t like him searching through my purse.

Yes, I know it is supposed to make us feel safer and, yes, I know they are trying to stop terrorists and, yes, I know that we don’t want another 9/11.  But, truly, are they actually catching anyone or is this just a show to make people FEEL safer?  I would love to see the statistics of how many terrorist attacks they have managed to stop with all this random searching.

The person checking people into the plane told me, as she was scanning my boarding pass, that they had too many TSA officials right now so they are having the extras do these searches.  So it isn’t a preventative measure as much as it is trying to justify having as much staff as they do instead of doing the sensible, cost saving measure of laying off excess staff.

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