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Reality Strikes

I just came home from a dinner at a friend’s house.  Without going into details because I respect her privacy, the purpose of this evening was for a whole group of us to bring her and her husband dinner and bring her gifts to take to the hospital.  She is going in for breast cancer surgery this week.

Breast cancer for me has always been something that happens out there.  I know a few women who have gone through it but it was before I knew them.  The disease does not run in my family.  We are more the cardio vascular disease kind of people.  I’ve never known someone who is close to my age who  has cancer. So now reality strikes.

This friend is going through it now.  I have seen the emotions she is experiencing being diagnosed, planning the best course of treatment and preparing herself for the aftermath.  We gathered to offer her support, listen to her story and commiserate with the difficulty of it.  We hugged her as she cried when we gave her the presents we brought.  We let her know we would be praying for her and supporting her and feeding her and her family throughout this process (one of the things us Lutherans do best…feeding people).

We had car pooled from another friends house in order to save on parking in the driveway.  Riding back with a whole car full of my friends, all about the same age, all of whom go through mammograms and other diagnostic procedures same as me, and it just struck me that we aren’t immune.  It can happen to us.  Somehow, in my mind, I thought we were protected.  Like we had an anti-cancer bubble around us and we were safe.  But we aren’t.  Reality strikes.  And that is very scary….

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