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Today’s Thoughts (9/21/09)

In the interest of not going more than two days without posting something, here’s a sample of today’s thoughts:

  • I saw something today I don’t think I have ever seen before…I saw two jet planes traveling in the same direction so their contrails were right on top of each other. And the planes looked like they were almost hooked together. They were that close. But there must have been a lot of altitude between them because one contrail was smaller than the other one. Still, it was very cool to see!

  • A great breast cancer poster my brother saw: Don’t Let Breast Cancer Steal Second Base! That pretty much says it all.

  • I’m going to start a recipe category. Made some great baked macaroni and cheese this weekend so I think I will post it and share. Sometime this week.

  • Oh, and an update on the upstairs neighbor. She may be gone soon. She gave her notice and is in the process of moving out. Things are still tense just because her guests are pretty inconsiderate. And, at some point yesterday, someone keyed my car. Big gash that ends in a piece of paint taken off that is the size of a dime. Unfortunately I didn’t witness who did it but I know it wasn’t there when I went to church in the morning and I can’t imagine someone there did it. So it happened right outside my door. Just don’t know who did it. But I am pretty sure that it was one of her guests. Bummer!

I think that is all for now. Hope everyone has a good night’s sleep!!!

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