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Thoughts on smoking…

A few thoughts on people smoking:

– I was leaving the Irving station in Kennebunk this afternoon and I looked over and saw a small fire. Mostly smoke but there was flame. I went back into the Irving and told them and some guy came out with a bucket of water and put it out. People should really not throw their cigarettes out of windows. Especially on dry mulch outside a gas station!

– A woman was hired to work at the store. She reeked of cigarette smoke and kept coughing. When I told her to please cover her mouth when she coughed, she replied that it was just a smoker’s cough. Well, in my opinion, that doesn’t matter because things still fly out and will land on the bread she is bagging. I know…gross!

– The same woman has now quit. Why? She would lose her breath walking across the floor and putting product on the shelves. Because she smokes.

Both my parents smoked. I grew up with it. I used to tolerate it. No more. Can’t stand the smell of it. Either by someone smoking in front of me or smelling it on their clothes. Yuk!

Please stop smoking. And, if you can’t, please don’t cough around me, stand too close or throw your lit cigarettes on the dry ground. Especially outside of gas stations where there is GAS!

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