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My blog…an update…sort of

I have been thinking about this here blog recently. Not writing in it, mind you. Just thinking about it. I realize I haven’t posted since my birthday. There are a whole myriad of reasons why but it boils down to being too busy working and looking for work and not having much to say other than I am working and looking for work.

That said, I was inspired the other day by my favorite blog, The Pioneer Woman ( I was admiring how interesting her site is and how informative, organized and colorful. Her’s is a WordPress site, same as mine.

Suddenly mine seems drab and not at all colorful. And it is titled “Thoughts Like Grapes”. One would think that a blog with grapes in it’s title would be more colorful.

I think the reason I can’t make it more colorful is that I need to update it to a new version of Worpress. So I started to, it told me to back up my data, I contacted my brother to see if the data is backed up on his server, he said it was but don’t update the blog! Why? He is busy and can’t fix it if it all goes kablooey! Which, more than likely, it will.

So here I sit. I finished the power points for Sunday, I am not working today so I am not completely wiped out and exhausted and I decided to just write something in this here blog.

As soon as my brother is not busy, I am going to update this thing. I want to add categories and pictures and all kinds of fun stuff. Especially recipes. I have some good ones and I would love to share them.

Anyway, that is all I have to say at this point. Ideally I should post something tomorrow or Sunday. Ideally. But is the world ideal?? I guess we will have to wait and see…

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