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Things gone by…

I have been thinking today of things that used to be common but aren’t so much anymore. The things that were so common in everyday life but now don’t exist anymore.

For example:

– Tape cassettes: Yes, they do still exist but have you noticed that the streams of tape by the side of the road aren’t there anymore? I remember driving around and seeing tape stuck in bushes and trees from cassettes that were lost and broken. That doesn’t happen anymore.

– Coin operated laundries: They are soon to be a thing of the past. If you go to a laundromat these days, you will have to purchase a card to use in the machines. No more getting rolls of quarters in order to do laundry. This may be more handy but, then again, it costs more to do laundry now. Although I must say that the laundromat that I do use occasionally makes doing laundry almost enjoyable – it is clean, neat, the machines are well cared for and there is a flat screened TV on the wall.

– Pay phones: O Poor Superman…no where to change from mild mannered Clark Kent into your nifty outfit with bright red cape. I remember when there seemed to be a pay phone on every corner. Or at least every other corner. I have no idea where there is a pay phone in the town I live in or where I work. I’m sure there might be one out there somewhere but it isn’t blatantly obvious. I did see a pay phone a few months ago but it didn’t work. Mostly because it didn’t have the phone part. But the structure was still there. At least it WAS there. Not sure if it is there anymore because I don’t remember seeing it. They must have torn it down.

– Antennas: I put this down because it has been a long time since I turned on a radio and needed to extend an antenna to get a signal. So long, in fact, that when I was trying to turn on the little stereo that someone left in the fellowship hall at church for people to use, I couldn’t get it to work. I had forgotten my IPod and so I thought I would just find a station to listen to. I found one and it came in nice and clear…until I took my hand away…then it became all staticky. I mentioned this to the person who owns the stereo and she picked it up and pulled the antenna out from the side. “Did you pull this out?” she asked. “Well, no, I didn’t. Didn’t realize it was there”, I replied. Yup…it has been so long I didn’t even think of it.

– Walkmans: And not just walkmans but the headphones that fit over your head. I remember owning a couple of different styles – one that played CDs and one that played cassettes. But, like the cassettes of long ago, the walkman has gone away. Now it is all MPG players, IPods, and earbuds. Everything is digitalized.

Not sure why I am feeling nostalgic today. Maybe it is sitting here listening to classical music, drinking a hot cup of tea and watching the snow fall. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Although that might just be the tea.

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