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Black Rhino

I saw the headline this headline on Google news just now and it caught my attention: US Rhino Hunt Auction Winner Fears For His Safety.

I clicked on the link and went to a USAToday article that stated a man paid $350,000 at an auction for the opportunity to hunt an endangered black rhino.

Now I don’t believe in hunting. At least not hunting for sport. If hunting provides you and your family a primary source of food for a year, then that is understandable. If hunting is allowed on a restricted basis in order to thin out animals so that the remaining ones can grow and thrive, then that is understandable.

But to hunt an animal simply for the “thrill” of killing another living creature, I think that is unnecessary, immoral and simply wrong. Hunting is barbaric and I would think, in the 21st century, we would let go of our barbaric habits and respect the creatures that God gave us.

I do need to clarify that I like meat. I am not in any way a vegetarian. It does bother me, by a LOT, that the animals raised for our consumption aren’t always treated well and I hope that we will also let go of those practices and learn to respect the creatures that God gave us to eat. And he did. It is written in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Getting back to the article in USAToday…I was feeling outraged as I read the article that some organization would actually auction off the right to hunt and kill an endangered black rhino. What the H***?????

Then I read the second to the last paragraph. It states that the club claims that the Namibian rhino in question is old, male, non-breeding and was likely to be targeted to be removed because it has become aggressive.

Hmmm….let’s look at that a moment.

The rhino is old. Ok…so it may be close to dying anyway. But can they guarantee that is the rhino that will be hunted? How do we know that this hunter won’t shoot a different rhino by accident.

The rhino is non-breeding. Ok…but do they know that for sure and why does that mean it can be killed?

Was likely to be targeted to be removed because it has become aggressive.

At first I thought…well alright then. They were going to take out this rhino anyway for the safety of all black rhinos. But then I read it again and realized that it is rather ambiguous. Was likely is just a little too vague. (By the way, I added the italics for emphasis). Maybe they would but maybe not. We don’t know for sure what the plan was for this aged black rhino.

Then I went to the website for the Dallas Safari Club. It is a club that promotes hunting for sport…which I don’t approve of, and is raising the money by auctioning off the killing of this endangered black rhino to support it’s own organization. Not to support the protection of black rhinos. Not to support providing them with a good home. But to support an organization that promotes hunting for sport. Which, as I stated above, I think is barbaric and we shouldn’t do anymore.

I do feel sorry for the winner of the auction because he is getting death threats and other kinds of threats. I don’t think that is right and is actually pretty stupid. After all, people are so upset that this black rhino will be killed that they are threatening to kill the person who might kill the black rhino. I mean, do you respect life or not???

All in all, I think they should cancel the hunt, give the man back his money, apologize to the world for even thinking of doing this and provide the old black rhino with a comfortable home until he dies of natural causes.

I also think people should really read what is being written. After all, my opinion changed the more times I actually read the article. People should pay attention. And not hunt endangered black rhinos.  Respecting life means respecting ALL life.

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