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Advent Thoughts

Every year, my church provides Advent devotionals for people to pick up as an additional resource to use during the season. This year, there were two available and I picked up the one that was from the works of C.S. Lewis.

I am enjoying doing this devotional just because it is very straightforward and somewhat analytical. It isn’t all flowery and spiritual, which is the direction that some devotionals take.

In reading the devotion today, it discussed Jesus sending out his 12 disciples to proclaim the good news and heal people. In the part written by C.S. Lewis, he mentions that “Christians are Christ’s body, the organism through which he works. Every addition to that body enables Him to do more. If you want to help those outside you must add your own little cell to the body of Christ who alone can help them.”

This was profound in an of itself. But it was the prayer at the end that really made me stop and think:

When I am reluctant to share my faith with others, Lord, remind me that someone once shared their faith with me.”

I had never thought about that before. Someone once shared their faith with me…that is why I believe.

Granted, I was born Lutheran. I have been going to church since I was a baby and, God willing,will go to church the rest of my life. I’m not sure who first shared their faith with me because it feels like I have always believed.

But my faith has grown and developed throughout the years. And that has happened because of how others have shared their faith with me. Having other Christians lead me and guide me has strengthened my faith throughout my life.

So why am I reluctant to share my faith? Well, I am not completely un-reluctant. I do talk about my faith and my church life with people. But it usually occurs to me during a conversation that in sharing my faith, it will help the person I am talking to expand their faith. It isn’t first nature for me to just blurt out why I believe.

But, praying that prayer this morning has made me think that I believe because others believed. And I should be willing and able to share my faith with others. Without reservation.

It certainly is something to ponder and work on. Hopefully in the hustle and bustle of the season, I won’t forget to think about this and have it become second nature to me. I want to grow in my faith and help others to grow in their faith. It is why Jesus came to earth which is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Hmmm….one little sentence can certainly change one’s life, can’t it????

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