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Cat: Dear Diary

I have a cat…or, I should say, had a cat. My cat now lives with my brother. When I became sick last fall and was in the hospital, my brother very graciously took Cupid the Cat home with him. Then I moved to a friend’s house who is allergic to cats and so Cupid the Cat stayed with my brother. Technically speaking, I think he now belongs to my brother.

Cupid the Cat is strange. Skinny, tiny and whiny. He has strange habits that my brother tells me about. These are all habits that I had told him about and he would just tell me that it was me and not the cat. Now that he has the cat, he knows it truly was the cat.

Some of Cupid the Cat’s strange habits:

He whines until he is fed…even if he has just been fed.

He likes to be petted but only for a moment or two.

He likes to be by himself unless it is really hot out, then he likes to lie on your bare legs and feet. Just to keep you warm.

He likes to throw up but only on carpet or the couch. He will even travel to carpet or the couch to make sure he throws up in the proper spot. The spot that is hardest to clean.

He doesn’t bury things in the kitty litter. He THINKS he is burying things. He scratches at the side of the kitty litter box or on the floor but, after several attempts and the smell doesn’t go away, gives up and goes cleans himself. Meanwhile, it still smells.

I could go on and on but I think the point is made. Cupid the Cat is strange. I thought it was just him but my brother just sent me this video and it explains so much.

So if you own a cat, or, more accurately, a cat owns you, enjoy!

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