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One Lord, One Church…

This past Sunday my church celebrated it’s 40th anniversary. We were founded in 1973 as an official church but it had started years earlier by someone placing an ad in the newspaper asking if there were any Lutherans in the area who would like to meet. From that simple ad, a church grew to become the active and growing congregation it is today.

But that is not what I wanted to write about today. I may write more about that in the future but what I wanted to discuss today is the campaign occurring in my sister’s town in western Michigan. She just told me that a business man moved to the area, noticed that there is a church practically on every corner, but that the churches were all independent of each other. There wasn’t a cohesiveness about them. So he started the campaign called “One Lord, One Church”.

From June 2nd to June 9th, all the participating churches will be covering their church signs with burlap with the sign on it stating “One Lord, One Church”. There will be ecumenical services, praying, on-air (radio) events, etc. A full campaign to bring unity to the Christians in this area of the world.

I love the idea!! I would love to see that happen here in Maine. Unfortunately for us, New England is now the least churched area of the country, passing the Northwest part of the US. Very sad to have that distinction.

But I have hope. After all, my beloved church started with one simple ad. My sister’s town is being united from one simple idea. All it takes is one thought that is shared that grows and develops to become a full fledged reality. I wonder what thought will start a movement for God in Maine???

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