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Feeling Old?

There is nothing like receiving mail from AARP to make one feel old!

Of course, I am not old enough to receive mail from AARP.

For those who don’t know, AARP stands for the American Association of Retired Persons. One generally receives an invitation to join when one turns 50. It is sort of the icing on the cake for your 50th birthday. “Happy Birthday…you are now a half a century old! Come join the rest of the old people!”.

Actually, in this day and age, 50 is not that old. People are living longer and 50 is probably what 40 was just a decade ago. People are doing more, taking better care of themselves and not retiring until they are well into their sixties if not their seventies. I do know a number of retired people who are busier now than they were before they retired. They travel, do volunteer work, take on part-time jobs, get involved in different organizations and generally live their lives to the fullest.

But getting back to me…I am no where near old enough to retire or old enough to belong to AARP. Yet I received my first offer to join about five years ago. And, today, I received letter from them with the first line stating “Our records show that you haven’t yet registered for the valuable benefits of AARP membership, even though you are fully eligible”.

Why am I receiving correspondence from AARP asking me to join? The only thing I can think of is the medicine I am taking for my arthritis.

Five years ago, when I first when on methotrexate for my arthritis, I received the first invitation to join AARP. Since I am way under 50 now, think of how I felt five years ago! The only thing I could think of was that the makers of my arthritis medicine sold my information to AARP. But I couldn’t prove that, didn’t want to waste the time fussing about it and just basically ignored it.

The doctor recently added embrol to my medicines. This is a weekly shot that is supposed to make my arthritis “melt away” (his term). I just picked up my first prescription for it last week and, lo and behold, I received another invitation to join AARP. Nice to know they are so quick to sell my information and that AARP is so quick to jump on the opportunity to send me mail.

Oh well. I still don’t think it is worth the time to fuss about it, other than writing this in my blog and I am planning on ignoring it. I am not old enough in years to join AARP and I definitely do not feel old enough to join AARP. If they want to waste their time pursuing me just because I have arthritis, they can do that. Since my arthritis is in the process of “melting away”, then they can just try to catch me!!

Old enough for AARP….HA!

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