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Thoughts on Guns

The theater shooting in Aurora, CO this past Friday really disturbed me on many levels. Of course, first there is the fact that it even happened. That someone actually went into a crowded theater and randomly shot people. That someone threw smoke bombs in first so the crowd would have a hard time seeing and become confused. That someone did this with forethought and planning. Incredibly disturbing.

The second way this is disturbing is people’s reaction. People are saying that it wasn’t the guns, it was the gunman. I’m sorry. But without the guns, there isn’t a gunman. It would just be a man. Albeit a crazy man but still just a man.

So how have the good people of Colorado reacted to this horrific event? They went out to buy guns!

Really??? How in the world would more guns have improved this situation? After all, the gunman was head to toe in Kevlar. Kevlar is bullet proof. That is the purpose of Kevlar. So if they had tried to shoot him, in a crowded theater, full of smoke and panicked people, they would have ended up not killing him but instead killing innocent bystanders. Brilliant solution.

Oh…by the way…I probably should mention that I hate guns. They serve no purpose except to kill. That is it.

Don’t tell me that people could kill with knives. Yes, that is true. Except that knives are also used in cooking and carving and cutting all kinds of things that need to be cut.

Don’t tell me that people kill with bombs. Yes, that is true. Except that bombs are used in mining, in road construction and in building construction.

What else is there? Poison? Yup…but also used in pest control. Axes? Yup…but also used to chop wood. Running someone over with a car? Ok….the other uses for cars is blatantly obvious.

Guns have no other purpose. Killing is all that they do.

Yes, guns are used for hunting. But do you really use an assault style weapon to shoot a deer? Are you making ground venison out in the wilderness?

Along with my hatred of guns, I truly dislike the NRA. Because they love guns and are so instrumental in keeping guns on the street. Because of their actions, people can easily obtain guns. Because of their actions, people are dying. Because of their actions, a crazy man in Aurora, CO went into a theater and killed people. If the NRA hadn’t been so insistent on keeping assault style weapons out there, people who are now dead would still be alive. Yes….I dislike the NRA.

I could go on and on but Jason Alexander wrote an interesting piece yesterday that says what I want to say. Yes, Jason Alexander. The actor who played George on Seinfeld.

Here is a link:

Please read it. He explains why people are misinterpreting the Second Amendment. Something that I didn’t get even though I have read the Second Amendment.

A final thought…how many more people have to die before we stop this???

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