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Lately I have come to appreciate the sounds of silence. No TV. No music. Just quiet. Peaceful quiet.

My landlord hasn’t rented the apartment above me so it has been empty for months. I very rarely hear my other neighbor (in the front apartment) and the place above her is empty as well. So when I have everything turned off, the silence that fills my place is just wonderful. There isn’t anything to distract me from my own thoughts and I can clear my mind and just…well….be.

When my brother is working he always has the stereo blaring. That is how he likes to work. There are other people I know who have to have the TV on in the background to provide noise while they do stuff. There are those people who have to sleep with the TV on or else they can’t go to sleep at all.

To each his own but I prefer quiet. Complete quiet. Or as quiet as it can be with the computer buzzing in the corner of the room and the clock on the wall ticking away. Not to mention the faint sound of traffic outside. But, it is still remarkably quiet and peaceful.

As I sit here in the silence I feel my blood pressure come down, my heart rate slow, my thoughts settle to just pleasant images of peace and calm.

Shhhhh….hear that? It is a grand nothingness. It is sweet and gentle and soft. It is a peace to be cherished and savored. It is….silence.

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