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Problem with Egos

This is the posting I was talking about in the last posting. I sent it to my older brother and he said I should go ahead and post it. I still debated about it (in my head) but yesterday was the one year anniversary of when I was fired and I haven’t decided what I should write about that, if anything. So, in the interest of not being prepared to write about being fired, here is the posting I was censoring myself from putting on the Internet:

There is a fine balance in life between having good self esteem and having a huge ego. It is important to have a good image of oneself. To suffer from low self esteem not only holds you back in many social situations but it can also mean that you work in mediocre jobs for years on end. Your just don’t have the confidence in yourself to try to achieve a more fulfilling career path.

In contrast, having a big ego can be as much a detriment as having low self esteem. If one thinks too highly of oneself, then they can think that they are so wonderful, intelligent and God’s gift to humanity that they end up getting themselves in situations that are way over their heads. Or at least, situations that are simply doomed for failure.

What made me think about this is Oprah and her OWN network. She has been told for years how wonderful she is and how wise and intelligent. She had her talk show where she was able to spew forth her own agenda and lead the masses in making themselves better based on how she makes herself better.

This would be all well and good except that she started to believe her own hype. She started to believe that everyone was dying to hear what she had to say and wanted her to guide them through life. So she quit her show, which was still successful, and started a TV network called OWN. This network is full of self-help gurus trying to help people become better. It is also full of programming that Oprah feels is what the masses need to see.

What Oprah failed to see is that, just because she has a magazine (with her picture on the cover each month – another example of stroking one’s own ego) and a successful talk show, that this doesn’t mean that there are enough Oprah fans out there to support a whole network. She failed to see that people are buying her magazine and watching her show because they like the format of the magazine and the format of her show. Not because they were dying to have Oprah lead them.

The network isn’t doing well. She canceled Rosie O’Donnell’s show because of low ratings. This has nothing to do with the appeal of Rosie. After all, she had a very successful talk show of her own for years and was successful as a panel member on The View. The reason the show failed is because people aren’t watching the OWN network.

In my opinion, OWN will eventually go away. A grand idea from a person who believed her own hype and didn’t see the big picture.

I feel kind of bad for Oprah. This must be damaging to her self esteem. But, hopefully, she will be able to put it in perspective, realize that she over inflated her level of influence in the world and seek a new adventure that will be less grandiose.

Yes, there is a fine balance in life between low self esteem and big egos. Both are a detriment to one’s success. But, if one can find a balance between the two, then one can find one’s place in the world.  A balanced attitude will keep one in focus and lead to success. God willing.

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