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Banned Words & Phrases

There are certain words that I believe should be banned from our modern American lexicon. Words and phrases, actually. Things that are said on a daily basis that I think should never be said. I have various reasons for believing this depending on the term that is being used.

Here are my current top four banned words & phrases:

Man Cave: I dislike this term. I watch “House Hunters” on TV and every so often the people looking for a house demand, in addition to a great kitchen, fireplace, and many bathrooms, that the house has a room for a “man cave”. A room dedicated to the man of the house for him to use as he wishes. This means a room that can contain, for instance, a pool table, a wet bar, and, of course, a very large TV.

Why do I have a problem with this term? It implies that men are cave dwellers. Neanderthals. Human beings that are less than the rest of us who have evolved beyond wanting to live in caves.

Men are not cave dwellers. They are strong, capable and handy beings who do their best to take care of, provide for and protect those they love. A good man will do his best to solve the world’s problems, or at least the problems of their wives, since men are, by nature, problem solvers. Present a man with a problem and he won’t be interested in discussing or analyzing it but, instead, will come up with a solution to said problem. This may seem annoying but it is the nature of a man.

It seems like in the past few decades, men have been put down, made fun of and degraded in an effort to elevate women. Granted, for centuries, women were degraded and put down and treated like second class citizens. Lucky this practice has changed or, at least, is in the process of changing. We still have a ways to go but if you watch something like “Mad Men”, you can see how far we have come. But why does this process of elevating women to the status they rightfully deserve have to involve degrading men? Why can’t we treat women equally to men and treat men equally to women? Why do we have to act like men are cave dwelling idiots in order to make women seem smart?

I would deeply appreciate it if we just ban the phrase “man cave” from our vocabulary. We can call this special room dedicated to the man of the house by another term. Game room. TV room. Family room. Or “(insert man’s name)’s Room”. Anything but a phrase that degrades men and make them seem like cave dwelling idiots.

Baby Bump: A woman does not have a baby bump. SHE IS PREGNANT!!! Stop referring to something so beautiful, wonderful and a miracle with a phrase that makes it sound like a woman is carrying an alien in her stomach. It makes pregnancy seem like the latest fashion accessory. She has great earrings, stunning high heels and, this season, she is sporting a baby bump! Please. A woman is with child. She is creating a new life. She is simply pregnant.

BFF: I dislike the term BFF. For those who don’t know, BFF stands for Best Friends Forever. Yet it mostly refers to people who are famous who know each other. People who are barely friends are photographed together and all of a sudden they are labeled BFF. Then they are never seen together again, because they had barely known each other to begin with, then people are upset that they are not longer BFFs. “OMG ‘insert name’ and ‘insert name’ are not longer BFFs! WTF!!” May I just point out that they were never best friends to begin with and using a term that stands for that is completely inaccurate.

This term was started by middle age school girls. Do we really, as adults, want to use a phrase that was started by girls who change BFFs as quickly as they change their clothes? Shouldn’t we as grown and mature people develop our own phrases that aren’t so inaccurate and false?

Note: In a future blog I will have to write why I dislike all shortened terms that are used in texting.


Boobs: As in a woman’s breasts. And, yes, they are breasts. Not boobs. Why, oh why, would we refer to a part of a woman’s body that provides pleasure for her lover and nurtures her children with such a derogatory phrase? Why can’t we give them the respect they deserve? Are we really cave dwelling juvenile people who have to refer to body parts with cutesy names in order to not be embarrassed by them?

Breasts are breasts. A penis is a penis. And…well…we can still call our backsides an ass…just because it sounds soft and sexy. Otherwise I would ban that word as well.

That is the current list. I am sure, given time, I will come up with more words and phrases that should be banned from our language. But, in the mean time, let us work on getting rid of these four. Thank you!

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