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Mysterious Ways

God works in mysterious ways…not to point out the blatantly obvious. A couple of things happened today that made this become incredibly blatantly obvious to me.

I was out running errands and was on my way to Target and thought I had forgotten the gift tags from the giving tree at church. The deadline for returning the gifts is this Monday so I needed to get the gifts today. But I thought I didn’t have the gift tags with me. I thought I had left them in my black bag which resides on the bookcase at home.

I went back home and looked through the black bag and then realized that I left the tags in my vehicle. DUH!!! Of course that is where I left them. Which means that I had them with me and didn’t have to drive all the way back home to get them. Needless to say, I was a little annoyed with myself.

I was about to leave to resume my errands when my phone rang. The Caller ID indicated that it was my sister so I answered the phone saying “so this is why I ended up coming home”. She was a little confused so I explained what had happened and, since I had been wanting to talk to her for a few days, that must have been why I ended up making a pointless trip back home. God knew I needed to talk to her and made sure I was here when she called.

That would have satisfied me as to why God had me make an extra trip back home but then something else happened that drove home the belief that God works in mysterious ways.

On my way back over to Target, the traffic started slowing down and people began merging out of the lane I was in to the next lane. As the cars left the lane in front of me, I noticed the fire engines and ambulance lights ahead of me. I drove slowly by the accident and saw how horrible it was and why there were so many emergency vehicles.

There were three cars all smashed into each other with the middle car not only having the front bashed in but the back as well. They were loading someone into the back of the ambulance and were trying to get the vehicles off the road.

It occurred to me that, if God hadn’t detoured me back home, I would have been right there when the accident happened. The odds were very high that I would have been involved in that accident. Thank God He protected me!

God truly does work in mysterious ways. He made sure that I was able to talk to my sister and prevented me from potentially being in a horrible accident all by having me blank out that I had the gift tags with me. I’m so thankful He is looking out for me. So thankful!

Hopefully I will remember this the next time something happens that annoys me. God has a reason for everything. I just need to trust Him and believe that this is true. Because it is…

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