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Just a little bit of follow up to recent posts:

–        Regarding the posting on pottery – yup, my sister doesn’t read my blog.  At least she hasn’t read it yet.  She hasn’t e-mailed or called to say that she likes or dislikes her potential Christmas present.  Granted, she is running the family business, has five kids and the kids have been home from school at least one day this week due to bad weather.  I suppose that one of these days she will have the time to sit down and read it.  In the mean time, I have started making presents for Christmas.  There is a tad more pressure knowing that my pottery work is going to be given away rather than just making things for my own use.  I’m being really fussy about creating items.  I guess that’s a good thing.  Attention to detail never hurts in the creative process.

–        My brother-in-law got in a discussion tonight about Juan Williams (posting on “What he said…”).  He, my brother-in-law, stated that what Mr. Williams said is simply what most people feel.  I disagree.  Maybe I’m being overly optimistic and kind hearted but I can’t believe that the majority of the people are that prejudicial.  And that is what it is…. prejudice.  Prejudging someone based on the way they look.  I would hope that in the 21st century, we would let go of archaic judgments and accept people for who they are, as we want them to accept us.

–        I discussed with a few people the moral dilemma I faced on Sunday.  The general consensus is that I should have told the employee with the cart that the man who stole the chicken wings tossed the bones in her trash bag.  That way she wouldn’t be accused of stealing chicken wings.  With 20/20 hindsight, that would have been the best thing to do.  That way if she wanted to tell her manager, the manager could confront the chicken wing thief and explain why stealing is wrong. Especially when you have impressionable children watching your every move.  So I learned a lesson around the moral dilemma.  Speak up to at least one person.  Keeping silent was not the best course of action.  I will remember that for next time because, knowing human nature, I’m sure I’ll see someone stealing something at the grocery store sometime in the future.

And now for a little preview…I am going to see a friend this upcoming weekend who I haven’t seen since I was 15. I’m also going to the Jon Stewart rally in Washington, D.C.  I am sure I will have a few things to blog about during the course of the next weekend and probably beyond.  So…more to come….

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