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Fall Has Arrived

Today is the first full official day of Fall 2010!

I can’t believe that summer is actually over because it seemed like it went by so fast.  I did have a good summer from helping with VBC, taking a week off from work, having fun with friends, the one boating trip with my brother, etc.  Weather wise it was a glorious season.  Day upon day of hot, sunny weather.  I did have to run my air conditioner practically every day but I have been very thankful that I bought the new one last spring.  It made my life so much cooler, literally.

Here in Maine, the leaves have already started to change.  I’m sure that in a couple of weeks, there will be a plethora of color.  But right now there are brilliant reds and oranges popping out here and there seemingly overnight.

One tree where I live always changes color before any of the others.  It’s like the tree wants to be first to show off it’s bright leaves before any other tree.  What it, the tree, doesn’t realize is that, it may be the first to change but that also means that it is the first to shed it’s leaves and look dead and lifeless for the winter.  When all the other trees are still waving their bright leaves around, it is standing there all empty and sad.  Yet, year after year, it is the first to break out in color and just never seems to learn the lesson of patience.  Oh well.  I know a lot of people like that so why should I expect a tree to be better at patience than many humans.

Here is the tree, in all it’s fall glory, on the first full day of fall!


Hope everyone has a bright, colorful, happy fall!!

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