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Today’s Thoughts (8/31/10)

Here are some thoughts for the last day of August:

–        I finished the second book, The Girl Who Played With Fire. I ordered the third book, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest from Amazon and it should arrive by Friday.  While I was on Amazon, I read some of the book.  Just as I was into it and at a very intriguing spot, it skipped pages.  It said that a number of pages aren’t included.  Of course that makes sense because why sell a book and then put it for free on the Internet.  But still…. very frustrating!!!  I can’t wait for the new book to come.  That is going to be my Labor Day weekend.  Well, that and going to the movies.  “Eat, Pray, Love” is on the agenda for sometime this weekend.

–        I found a new dentist.  She is so nice and her office is so pleasant I may just avoid calling her Torture Guy.  Although, since she is female, it would be Torture Woman/Gal/Girl…something like that.  Maybe Torture Person, just to be gender non-specific.  But, like I said, she is very nice and seems to be highly competent.  She said that she wasn’t worried about the tooth that had the root canal and the temporary filling.  She was concerned about the tooth above it that had a cracked filling and the whole tooth could break in two.  WHAT???  How did Torture Guy miss that???  Needless to say, I am done with him.  Not only did the new dentist catch something he should have noticed, but also her dental hygienist cleaned my teeth better than they have ever been cleaned.  She removed stains that the Torture Guy’s hygienist said couldn’t come off without having them whitened.  My teeth are spotless and feel so smooth and clean.  My opinion of the dental profession is so much better than it had been.  Now I need to tell Torture Guy that he lost a patient.  That should be fun.

–        Keeping an eye on Hurricane Earl.  Being as this is the first Saturday of the month, we have our free bean supper at my church.  Since I am in charge of it, I need to make a decision whether or not to have it sometime this week.  I can’t see making people risk their lives for a bean supper so if we are in the midst of a hurricane/tropical storm, it should be canceled.  But if it misses us, then we can go ahead with the meal.  I will discuss this with my pastor on Friday morning and we will make the decision together.  Hopefully by then we will know where the storm is going and how it will impact us.

–        We had a great faith formation/U2 class this evening.  I’ll have to write a posting about it.  We discussed some great issues.  More to come on that subject.

I think that is all.  Tomorrow is September already.  This year is flying by.  Maybe it’s a sign that I am getting old?  Nah…feel to young to be old.

Hope everyone’s August went well!!  If not,  a new month brings new things!!  Let’s hope the fall is just as spectacular as this summer has been!

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