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Happenings at Home

A few things out of the ordinary are happening in and around my house.

–        Another neighbor is moving out. The woman and her daughter who lived in the front apartment on the second floor moved out at the end of July. The man and his son who live in the front apartment on the first floor is moving out by the end of this month.  It’s just a coincidence they moved out within a month of each other.  The woman’s daughter graduated high school so they don’t need to live close to the school anymore and she, the mother, is getting married.  So moving just made sense.  He, the gentleman in the first floor apartment, is officially retiring and moving to Florida.  I’m not sure where his son is going but they are both moving out.  Unfortunately, he is the nice man who gave me all the fresh fish last summer.  But now he, and his boat, will be gone.  Oh well.

–        The washing machine is broken.  The building manager has assured me it will be fixed by tomorrow morning.  I sure hope so.  I hate the idea of being without it all weekend or having to go to a laundromat.  Not that I can’t do that, it is just a big pain to have to haul my laundry somewhere.  I used to do that when I lived in Wells but I have had a washer and dryer on site since I moved in.  Hopefully all will be well tomorrow.

–        Did I ever mention that the ceiling in my kitchen had water stains on the ceiling tiles?  Well it did because the bathtub in the apartment above mine leaks. The building manager came and looked at it about a month ago, confirmed that five of the ceiling panels were badly stained and went up to the upstairs apartment to see if he could find the leak.  He couldn’t.  His solution?  Replace the ceiling panels.  There.  All better. Nice and clean and no more water stains.  Guess what?  It leaked again and there is a fresh water stain on one of the ceiling panels.  I’m trying to think of an analogy for this…hmmm…how about…replacing ceiling panels instead of fixing the leak is like giving a person with appendicitis morphine for the pain but not taking out the appendix.  “See, you aren’t in pain!  All better!”.  Of course, the problem is still there and will just get worse, like my ceiling.  Making it look nice again did not solve the problem of the bathtub leaking.  Hopefully he will fix the problem now but I am betting I will just get a new ceiling tile.  There…all better!!

–        I think my upstairs neighbor had a bat in his apartment.  About a week ago, I heard him and his son yelling and bouncing around the apartment.  I recognized the sound.  It was the sound of ducking and hiding from a flying bat.  They quickly left the apartment and drove off.  I went to bed soon after so I don’t know what happened and I haven’t had a chance to ask him about it.  I may be wrong but they were certainly trying to escape something up there and my guess is a bat.  I really need to buy the net one of these days.  I could have loaned it to him.  Maybe I’ll go out and get that this weekend.

I think that is all the news from home for today.  Hope things are quiet where you live!

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