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I am attending a non-denominational adult faith formation program entitled: “Pursuing God through the Music of U2”. For those who don’t know, all the members of the band U2 are faithful Christians and their songs are steeped in scriptures. It’s a six-session program that meets at a friend’s house each Tuesday night. Tonight was the second session focusing on “Pursuing God as Justice”. There was a lot to take in and it usually takes a while for my mind to get around everything to which I was exposed but there are two things that stood out for me.

First of all, Christians, Jews and Muslims have the same father. Father Abraham. We are all descended from Abraham and, thus, were all created by the same God. We need to learn to co-exist. Accept each other and get along. Being filled with hatred and phobias (irrational fears) is not helping the world move forward and to heal.

Secondly, an inactive faith is a hollow faith and a Christian who talks about blessing people, taking care of the poor and needy, looking out for others and loving one another and doesn’t do any of it is a hypocrite. Going to church on Sunday and not putting what was learned into practice is pointless. Why go to church then? Why go through the effort? If you aren’t going to actually do anything, why even spend your time pretending that you are going to do something? We are, all of us, as children of God, supposed to help our fellow man, no matter who they are, as much as we can.

One thing that was mentioned by someone tonight that has been bugging me as well is why hasn’t there been more of a push to help the people of Pakistan and the catastrophic flood they are enduring? Is it because they are Muslim? Is it because the Taliban are trying to control things? What is the cause of our inaction? And when are we going to start taking action? Pray for them. Help them in some way, shape or form. How much more do they have to suffer before we do something?

This has been a fascinating program and I am looking forward to the next session, which is “Pursuing God as Absent”. I can’t wait to participate in the discussion of THAT topic. I’m sure that I will share it with everyone in due time along with my impressions from last week’s topic, which was “Pursuing God as Ultimate”. I’ll share as soon as I get my mind around all of it. Someday soon.

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