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Why is it that people feel the need to bully other people?  There was a story on the morning news that a man committed suicide and, in his suicide note, blamed the bullying he received from his boss as the reason to end his life.  According to his sister, he just couldn’t take it anymore.  The reporter covering the story interviewed the lawyer for the boss (he refused to be interviewed) and the lawyer said that there wasn’t any bullying.  There’s a big surprise.  What did the reporter expect the lawyer to say, that his client did bully his employee until the guy committed suicide in order to escape?

Of course, there is an on-going investigation.  There are reports that the suicide victim had clinical depression.  But there are also reports that the other employees witnessed the bullying and the human resources department had been notified but nothing was done.

My thought is that it is irrelevant whether or not the guy had clinical depression.  No one should pick on, demean, put down or otherwise terrorize someone.  And, if someone is doing that, they need to be stopped.  I’m all for turning the other cheek and forgiving someone if they have done me wrong but if someone continues to treat people like dirt, they need to get help to deal with their need to belittle other people.

I have found that people who make fun of and bully people usually have low self-esteem themselves and do it in order to boost their own egos.  Unfortunately, they usually aren’t aware that is why they do what they do and they don’t see the harm in what they do.  They haven’t any regard for the pain they are causing other people because they are too busy pushing their own agenda and stroking their egos to see the harm they are doing.

I’m not quite sure what can be done about this.  Putting laws on the books are all well and good except that then the laws have to be enforced and what should the punishment be set at.  Fines? Jail Time? And would that be really effective since the person doing the bullying needs mental help just as much as the victim?  Maybe force someone to get therapy and remove them from the situation? Then again, I’m kind of in favor of a knock alongside the head to bang some sense into them.  I know, I know…that is too violent.  I guess therapy would be the best solution.

Maybe someday we will all learn to respect each other and treat people with loving-kindness.  And not just give that notion lip service but also really put it into practice.  It is difficult to do but well worth it if we can stop people from reaching such despair that the only way they see out is to end their lives.

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