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I think we are lacking common consideration in this country. Just having the thought to think about what you are doing and how it impacts other people.

A month ago, I went to get my infusion at the hospital. My doctor has put me on Orencia for my arthritis and it is helping tremendously. My […]

Wasted Food

So you go to the grocery store. The first thing you see is the bakery area and the donuts. YUM!! You make a bee line for the bulk case and gaze at the wondrous selection. What to chose…what to chose…? Finally you decide that donut holes are the way to go. You select all the […]

Thoughts on smoking…

A few thoughts on people smoking:

– I was leaving the Irving station in Kennebunk this afternoon and I looked over and saw a small fire. Mostly smoke but there was flame. I went back into the Irving and told them and some guy came out with a bucket of water and put it out. […]