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So very, very tired…

The title of this posting basically says it all. I am just so very, very, VERY tired.

So why am I sitting at my computer typing rather than sleeping? Because I have to finish the power points for church today.

Normally I could put off doing this project until Saturday but tomorrow is our monthly […]

Thoughts for Today – 9/3/13

Been a while since I did a Thoughts for Today posting. But thoughts have occurred today and here they are:

– A couple of my friends complimented me on my lipstick on Sunday. Said it was a nice shade. For some reason it made me think of an advertisement for lipstick where a woman said […]


I’ve been thinking about faith recently. Or, to be more accurate, what seems to be a lack of faith among people who profess to be Christian.

Now, before I go any further, let me just say I am not talking about you. If you think I am talking about you, […]