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This is not in any way an advertisement for Geico. But I LOVE this commercial! Woo hoo!!!

Lack of Work Ethic

Most of my life, I have worked for small companies. Or, I should say, most of my long term employment has been with small companies. I have worked for major companies but only on a temporary basis.

Working for small companies means that everyone knows what everyone else is doing. Therefore, it is easy to […]

So tired…

I have some many thoughts lately that I wanted to share but, as each day went by, they just didn’t get written down. I’m just so tired from working that all I want to do is nap!

Anyway, some thoughts that I am planning on writing about are:

– waste at work

– work ethic



Yesterday was our monthly bean supper at my church. Since I am the chief bean maker (in-charge), I am down at church for about 12 hours – from 7:00 am until 6:45 pm or so. I try to get the beans in the roasting pans and cooking no later than 9:30 am. […]