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I’m the Donut Person at work. The person who makes the donuts almost every morning (except when I have the day off).

I was taught how to make the donuts by a few people and other people gave me points and tips. But, over the last couple of months, I have developed my own routine […]


Pastor’s sermon this morning was on the gospel reading which was the story of the demon possessed man in the tombs in the region of Gerasenes (Luke 8:26-39). The man couldn’t be contained by chains, didn’t wear clothes and basically scared everyone with his wild and scary behaviour. Jesus removed the demons (called Legion) from […]

Cat: Dear Diary

I have a cat…or, I should say, had a cat. My cat now lives with my brother. When I became sick last fall and was in the hospital, my brother very graciously took Cupid the Cat home with him. Then I moved to a friend’s house who is allergic to cats and so Cupid the […]

One Lord, One Church…

This past Sunday my church celebrated it’s 40th anniversary. We were founded in 1973 as an official church but it had started years earlier by someone placing an ad in the newspaper asking if there were any Lutherans in the area who would like to meet. From that simple ad, a church grew to become […]