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“Seeing” Photos

I am not sure why this popped in my head but it did so I thought I would share it. What would it be like if every picture that was taken of you enabled you to see? What I mean is, you would be able to see whatever your photo is looking […]

Store Bakery Job

My current job is in the bakery department at a local grocery store. I say local only in that it is located in the town I live in. It is part of a much larger chain of grocery stores.

I also say “bakery” just because that is the title of […]

Thoughts for Today (5/15/13)

A few thoughts from a delinquent blogger:

– Started a new job, albeit part-time at this point, at a supermarket in the bakery department. Feels weird to be working again after two years of unemployment. It also is different from what I used to do which is working in an […]