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To guilt or not to guilt?

I was born Lutheran. Meaning, my parents were Lutheran and, therefore, I have been a Lutheran since the day I was born. Probably before that as well but we tend not to assign a religion to someone until they are born. Not sure why that is…

Anyway, being as I was born Lutheran, […]

Merry Christmas!!!

I wish everyone a very blessed Christmas full of joy, happiness, love and many new memories!

And one reminder to think about whose birthday it is and take a moment to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday and thank God for sending him to us!

For unto us […]

Christmas Contemplations

I ate lunch at the beach today. Yes, at the beach….in Maine….in December. More on that in a minute.

Since I have moved to the town that has my favorite Maine beach, and I am still recovering from surgery and not working, I have been eating lunch at the beach as often as […]

The Magi

The story of The Magi, or the Wise Men, as written in the Bible, says that Magi from the east saw a star rise that signified a new king. They followed the star and went to the leader of the land, who was King Herod. They inquired about the new king and Herod asked when […]

End of the World

As has been well reported, according to the Mayan calendar, tomorrow is the end of the world. I, of course, have a few thoughts on this:

– For those of us who believe in the Bible or at least what Jesus said in the Gospels, we don’t know when the end of the world is […]

A thought for Christmas

“When you stop believing in Santa Claus is when you start getting clothes for Christmas.

This goes along with something a friend of mine told her daughter – If you stop believing in Santa Claus, he stops bringing you presents.

Just to be safe, I have never stopped believing!!