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Saw something interesting when I was out and about this morning. I was driving down to church and off in the distance, I saw six planes flying in formation. A larger plane flanked by five smaller planes. They were heading out towards the ocean.

My first thought was that some plane was wandering into the […]

Dead Fridge

My refrigerator died. Actually, it didn’t completely shut off but it is not longer functioning as a fully operating appliance and my food is spoiling. I believe that it needs to be put of it’s misery.

I noticed a few weeks ago that I had water in the fridge part. It was dripping off the […]


When does being polite become an inconvenience? Well, I’ll tell you.  When one’s garbage smells and you want to take it out but the trash cans are still at the curb!

Let me explain. I live in a house that is divided into four apartments. We share two large garbage bins and two large recyclable […]

Olympic Thoughts

I just have a few thoughts on the Olympics that I want to share tonight:

– There are certain sports I have seen where I don’t understand the rules therefore I don’t understand why some of the athletes are doing well and the others are not. Rather than the commentators spending time interviewing the athletes […]

Job Interviews vs. Elections

I have been giving this some thought for a while. I think that instead of electing a president or any other office holder, they should have to go through the interview process like any other job. After all, the general population is not elected to their jobs, they are interviewed. So why shouldn’t the people […]