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Today’s Thoughts (7/29/12)

A few thoughts that have been bouncing around on a Sunday night:

– The Olympics have begun!! I was planning on writing about the opening and then various events the day they happened but I have been so busy watching events, and still trying to do the things I am supposed to do in my […]

Boating I and II

My brother and I have been out boating now twice this summer. I haven’t posted any pictures because frankly, the pictures look the same as last year’s pictures. The lake. The trees. The ducks. As I was taking a picture of the culvert we boat through, my brother asked me why I […]

Thoughts on Guns

The theater shooting in Aurora, CO this past Friday really disturbed me on many levels. Of course, first there is the fact that it even happened. That someone actually went into a crowded theater and randomly shot people. That someone threw smoke bombs in first so the crowd would have a hard […]

Belief vs. Faith

I was challenged in my faith the other night by someone who was raised in a church going family. It was one of those experiences that not only impacted the person I was talking with but also impacted me.

Someone called me up and was very upset because of a […]

Out of Context

Have you ever seen someone you know but where you are seeing them is not where you normally see them and you don’t quite recognize them? This just happened to me.

I went to the gym this morning to walk the treadmill and, as I put my keys on the little hooks they provide, I […]

Today Show

Today my favorite morning show once again changed hosts. Did someone retire? No. Did someone get an impressive job offer from another network? No. Did someone get thrown under the bus? YES.

Not to state the obvious, but this posting is my opinion and pure speculation. Just wanted to say […]

Humid and Hot

Yesterday was the monthly bean supper at church. Unfortunately we were still in the midst of the heat wave that had been afflicting the eastern part of the United States. Not a great combination.

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea to manage this combination. I would arrive at […]