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Dry Spell

Ok, you may have noticed that I have been lax in my posts as of late. The reason being is a plain old case of writer’s block.

I haven’t been thinking of anything to write about or, if I did, I didn’t write it down quickly enough and the brilliant idea vanished into the mist.


The Mandolin or The Hooligans

Last Sunday evening, as my older brother Ted did his end of the weekend sojourn driving around the area and listening to “This American Life” on PBS, he came upon an unusual sight. Leaning against a tree in Parsonfields was a mandolin.

Yes, the stringed musical instrument that is in the […]

Counting Blessings II

The second blessing last week is this:

As I have mentioned before, I drive a Ford Windstar minivan. A 1999 minivan, to be exact.

Last  year, right before losing my job, I had been pre-approved for a car loan and was in the process of finding a vehicle. When I lost my job, I contacted […]

Counting Blessings I

The first blessing want to take note of is this:

I had a dental appointment this past Thursday. I had my teeth cleaned a month or so ago and it was a bad appointment. Not only was it painful but the hygienist argued with me about getting x-rays. Even though I […]


Thinking about tomorrow can be a very scary prospect when one is unemployed. So, subsequently, I am doing my best not to think about the future. Actually, I do think about the future – I just am trying hard not to worry about it.

I’m a firm believer in not […]

Positive Attitude

I just heard the best line:

“In my next life I am coming back as me because I am having a great time!”*


(*the owner/cook at a burger joint in California as seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Food Network)

The Choice

At the end of your life, after you have breathed your last and your soul has left your body, if you had a choice, which would you chose? Heaven or Hell?

There isn’t a choice of course. When you die, that is it. There is no choice once you are dead.