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Lately I have come to appreciate the sounds of silence. No TV. No music. Just quiet. Peaceful quiet.

My landlord hasn’t rented the apartment above me so it has been empty for months. I very rarely hear my other neighbor (in the front apartment) and the place above her is empty […]

Plastic Surgery

A friend and I noticed, when we were watching Dancing with the Stars, that one of the stars very apparently had plastic surgery. Well, maybe not surgery per se but definitely botox injections. It is obvious in that he, and yes it is a he, has that shiny botox look about his forehead […]

Bible Questions

In Bible class this morning, we finished up a study on the Gospel of Mark. Mark is an interesting book of the Bible and one I had never really studied before. What did I find out about it?

Mark skips the Nativity story and starts right with Jesus getting baptized. Nothing […]

Problem with Egos

This is the posting I was talking about in the last posting. I sent it to my older brother and he said I should go ahead and post it. I still debated about it (in my head) but yesterday was the one year anniversary of when I was fired and I haven’t decided what I […]

A Thought than a Joke

I didn’t feel well last night and wrote something at 3:00 in the morning that I am not sure I want to post. Not because it isn’t any good. I just re-read it and the writing is sound. It’s a nice little piece.

The problem with it is that I am being critical of someone […]

Wicked Hot

What is today?? March 18th??

It is so hot today that I am actually wearing shorts and it is still technically winter! But it is 80 degrees in my apartment and I was sweltering in the pants I had on so I had to go and change. I have all the windows […]

St. Patrick’s Day

Two observations on St. Patrick’s Day:

Best rendition of Danny Boy….ever!

The sunset tonight on my way home from a St. Patrick’s Day dinner:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone!!


Today’s Thoughts (3/15/12)

A few thoughts for the Ides of March:

Today is the Ides of March. No, I’m not referring to the movie ( but the date on the calendar. The word “ides” is from the Latin “idus” and was used by the Romans to indicate the day in the middle of the month. But, it is […]

End of the World

Yesterday morning in Bible class we were discussing the end of the world. Apocalypse. End of Days. Actually, the question asked by our pastor was what movies or books come to mind when thinking about the end of the world.

A few examples were 2012, Star Trek: The Search for SpockĀ  (i.e. The Genesis Project), […]


Sometimes it is best to hide in plain sight…