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Soup Tasting

We had a soup tasting contest at church today. It was part of a town wide festival. About one dozen local restaurants provided soups and people paid $3 for a ticket. Each person who bought a ticket was able to taste as many soups as they wanted and then they dropped their ticket into a […]

Ash Wednesday

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday…for many people the first day of Lent. A day of somber remembrance that we are “dust and to dust we shall return”. A day to not only contemplate our mortality but to also have an ash cross placed on our foreheads as a visual reminder.

Many […]

The Birds

I just stepped outside my door to pick up the newspaper off of my step and it was like a scene from The Birds ( But a gentler Disney form of the horror movie.

The trees are all filled with robins! Sweet, gentle little robin red breasts chirping away and flitting about. The rising sun […]

Maine Conference

I went to the Maine Conference today. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is divided into Synods. The church I go to belongs to the New England Synod. Each Synod is divided into Conferences. The church I belong to belongs to the Maine Conference.

Today the Maine Conference had a meeting to discuss the election […]


I have been thinking about this blog lately and why I seem to be posting less often than I used to do. Granted some of it is because I am not working in front of a computer all day anymore but I think that is only part of the reason. I think that I am […]


Today was my birthday. No, I’m not saying how old I am. There isn’t any reason to share that information.

I have said it before and I will say it again….I LOVE my birthday!

People smile, wish me well, give me cards and presents and it is a good excuse to eat cake. What is […]


Today is February 11th, right? Not a holiday as far as I know.

Yet, as I am watching TV, fireworks start going off. Not on the TV. Outside about a quarter mile away.

Boom, boom, boom, crackle, crackle, boom!

Possible explanations: – there was a wedding at the church near here and they are setting […]

Help the Tree

(my brother sent this to me – as he said to me…love the gloves!)


Today is the 9th anniversary of my dad’s entrance into heaven.

I can’t believe it has been nine years. Where in the world has all the time gone?

Even though it has been nine years, I remember it vividly…like it had happened yesterday. The smell of the hospital room, the noise coming in […]

Today’s Thoughts (2/5/12)

A few thoughts at the end of the weekend:

– Yesterday was the monthly Bean Supper at church. It went really well! 49 guests fed along with 14 volunteers. The beans were just right…perfectly cooked and tasty. Always an iffy thing with the beans when I come in on Saturday morning and they are dried […]