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Mom’s Birthday

Yesterday was my mom’s 80th birthday. Of course, we didn’t celebrate it with her because she resides in heaven now. But I’m sure that she and Dad had a marvelous celebration along with the rest of the family and friends who are living there now.

I miss my mom more than I thought I would […]

Did it again…

Ok…ok…I know. I did it again. I broke my cardinal rule. I have not only let two days go by without posting to my blog but it has actually been six days. SIX DAYS!!!!

No excuse. Just haven’t done it. Actually every time I thought of writing something it was […]

Out and About

I was out and about today. I kind of had to get out just because I had been in my apartment since I arrived home from church on Sunday. I just don’t think it is a good idea to spend too many days alone in my apartment. Granted I am “communicating” with people through e-mail, […]

Cupid the Finicky

My cat has become finicky in his old age. Although I’m not sure he is that old. I mean, he was born in 2000. So he is eleven and a half years old. Maybe he is just going through a mid-life crisis.

Let me explain. When I first adopted cats I made the stupid decision […]

Follow Up:

My living room is 59 this morning. Since I have a new thermostat, I know this is accurate. I have it set for 70.

I can feel the cold coming through the walls and the floor. Another morning of wearing layers of clothes with socks AND slippers.

I keep reminding myself…two months and a day […]

New Thermostat

I woke up yesterday morning and it was 55 degrees. No…not outside…in my apartment.Yup, the temperature in my apartment was a balmy 55 degrees. If it was summer, I would open the windows to let the heat in. Since it is winter, I thought I could just turn up the heat but lo and behold, […]

Banned Words & Phrases

There are certain words that I believe should be banned from our modern American lexicon. Words and phrases, actually. Things that are said on a daily basis that I think should never be said. I have various reasons for believing this depending on the term that is being used.

Here are […]

Winter Has Arrived!

Finally…weeks after the first day of winter and well into January and we are finally experiencing a winter day. I don’t count that fluky snow storm back at the end of October. That was just an oddity.

Today we had a major snow storm. Not a Nor’easter and not a […]

Mattress Switching

Ok…it’s not what you are thinking. Really….do you not know me at all???

A friend from church contacted me and said that she and her husband were upgrading from their queen size bed to a king size bed. She asked me if I would like the queen size bed and, since […]

Today’s Thoughts (1/7/12)

A few thoughts in a middle of a busy weekend:

– Yesterday was Epiphany. For those who don’t know…Epiphany is the holiday in the church calendar where we celebrate the Wisemen visiting the Christ Child.  I would have said the three Magi but there is some dispute as to how many there were. They brought […]