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I can’t let a Halloween go by without sharing my favorite Halloween picture. Hope everyone has a safe, spooky and fun day!

Happy Halloween!!!

So Sorry

So sorry…I broke one of the cardinal rules of my blog. I haven’t posted for four days. The rule is to never let more than two days go by without posting. It bothers me when I follow other people’s blogs and they don’t post for days or weeks (or months) at a time. When they […]

Wonderment of Creation

During the Bible Study at church on Sunday, my pastor asked us to contemplate one or two from a series of five exercises. I chose to contemplate the creation of the world, as described in Genesis, and Jesus. In addition to reading about the creation story in Genesis 1:1-2:4, the instructions said […]

Today’s Thoughts (10/22/11)

A few thoughts on a Saturday night:

– I read a book in two days this past week. It was “The Lost Wife”. I’ll have to comment further on it in a future posting. Not right now though because I need to get my head around it. It was very powerful and absorbing.

– I […]

Free? Not so much…

A new restaurant has opened in New Jersey. The founder is a famous rock star by the name of Jon Bon Jovi and it is called a “pay what you can” restaurant. You may have heard about it on the news but if you haven’t, you can find the article here:


Not sure if that is readable. I can read it but it is my handwriting. Although there are times when I write things out and I have no idea what it says. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I have arthritis and it makes my handwriting unreadable when I […]

Rice Question

Here is an interesting thought:

How’s that for a deep thought on a Saturday night?

(deep thought courtesy of my brother who I think found it on the Internet somewhere out there in the far reaches of the cyber world).


Minivan Recalled

I believe I mentioned in this blog almost a year ago that my minivan had been recalled. The Ford Motor Company, in their infinite wisdom, created a vehicle that had a frame and/or axle that wouldn’t handle road salt very well. They then sold this vehicle in a country where many states […]

Unemployment Snafu

Had a major panic day yesterday. I tried to file my weekly unemployment claim as usual on-line on Sunday and it didn’t go through. It said I didn’t have anymore internet claims available. So I tried over the phone and the message was that I didn’t have any more claims at all.

WHAT??? […]

Last Pesto

Today I made what I think is the last pesto batch this season. Well, let me clarify…the last pesto batch I will make this season. It isn’t the last pesto batch ever. At least, I don’t think so.

Anyway, the farmer’s market season is dying down and they are rapidly running […]