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The squabbling is continuing in Washington. Back and forth.

“I know what is best for the nation”

“NO, I know what is best for the nation”

“No you don’t, I do”

“No, I do”

“Your plan will destroy this nation”

“No, your plan will destroy this nation”

You know what I say? SHUT UP!!! ALL […]

Today’s Thoughts (7/26/11)

A few thoughts on a summer night:

– Had my hair re-reddened today. Actually it wasn’t too bad, color wise. I switched to that Aveeno shampoo that is supposed to make color last longer and apparently it works. I did notice that my roots had started becoming noticeable and my eyebrows were out of control. […]

Baking Bread

I did something today I haven’t done in years. I baked bread!

When I last baked bread, I didn’t have a stand mixer. And using a hand mixer on bread dough will wear out the motor so I would have to mix it by hand. That became a huge deterrent […]

All Together Now…

(To the tune of “Let It Snow”)

Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the air is so delightful, And since we’ve no place to go, Let it broil, let it broil, let it broil. It doesn’t show signs of easing, But we have some ice cream for eating, The blinds are pulled way down […]

Wicked Hot

91 degrees. 10:00 at night.

Somehow those two things should not be together.

Of course it is my phone that says it is 91 degrees. says that it is 90 degrees. My computer says that it is 88 degrees and the thermometer in the window of my bedroom says that it is 84 degrees. […]

Boating III

My brother and I went boating for the third time last night and, sad to say, it may be the last time this season. Why? The water level has dropped.

The weather has been beautiful the last month or so and it has enabled us to go out boating more than we did last summer […]

Sheer Stupidity

There are people in this world who just practice sheer stupidity. Do idiotic things that make reasonable people drop their jaws in wonder at the lack of common sense. Two examples of this from today:

I was driving north on Route 1 when I noticed a group of kids on bikes. […]

Soccer and Book

I finished my book this afternoon while watching the World Cup on ESPN.

The book ended great! Very suspenseful…kept me guessing right to the end and beyond.  I want to know what happens next. Grisham probably won’t write a sequel to the book but, if he did, I would read it.

The soccer game was […]

Reading Dilemma

I am writing this as an attempt to tear myself away from a book I am reading. It is 10:20 on Saturday night and I need to be at church around 7:30 or so tomorrow morning. If I don’t want to fall asleep during the sermon, I need to go to bed and get some […]

News Comments

There have been some items in the news that I feel compelled to comment about:

Casey Anthony was acquitted for murdering her daughter. So that is it. We need to let it go. For all those people who are on the “news” shows and are making comments that […]