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Dear Loud Family

My brother, Ted, and I buried my cat, Kismet, yesterday. If you recall, I lost her last January. Since the ground was frozen, I put her (in a box, of course) in Ted’s garage. I remembered last week that we hadn’t put her in the ground so yesterday I bought a couple of […]

Today’s Thoughts (5/29/10)

Just a few thoughts on a Sunday:

– Went to the Sea Dogs game yesterday with friends. (The Sea Dogs are the minor league team for the Red Sox). It was a double header but the group I was with wanted to leave right after the first game. They lost the first game by one […]

Justice vs. Truth

Are justice and truth the same thing? When a defendant is found guilty or not guilty of a crime, does that mean that the truth has come out?

I was discussing the Casey Anthony case with a friend the other day and it made me think about what really happened. […]

Really makes me wonder…

They are replacing a bridge in Kennebunk. This is not such a bad thing since the bridge was old, needed to be replaced and they built a temporary bridge a little ways farther down the river which gives everyone a wonderful view of the waterfall. Before they did this the waterfall was […]

No Rapture

So, we are all still here. Fully clothed (unless you are into nudity). No rolling earthquakes. No sky opening up. No choirs of angels singing. People were not taken up to heaven in a mass.

I’m really trying hard not to be mocking but for all those people who believed […]

Dad’s Birthday

Today would have been my dad’s 85th birthday.

Actually, technically it is his 85th birthday.  Just because he isn’t here to celebrate it with us doesn’t mean he isn’t having a wild party in heaven.

I hope you are having a wonderful birthday celebration, Dad, and I miss you!!

Happy Birthday!!!


Abandoned Boy

The lead story this week here in Maine has been about a little boy’s body that was found in South Berwick. Someone found a little blue-eyed, blonde haired boy by the side of the road last Saturday morning. There weren’t any identifying characteristics as far as ID was concerned. No name written on the clothes, […]

Rainy Days and Mondays

How do you spend a rainy day and a Monday when it generally gets you down? (Not to steal from The Carpenters).

Well, my day started with getting my annual mammogram. I wrote about this last year ( so I don’t need to go into too much detail about it. […]


Why is it we do what we do? What motivates us?

I was lying in bed just now thinking about the events of the last week and of this past day and contemplating why I do what I do. Of course, all this contemplation was preventing me from going to […]

Ted’s Mail Server Woes

My brother’s mail server crashed. Crashed big time.

Let me back up. Ted hosts a large number of websites and he is host to a large number of mail customers (e-mail, that is). Most of the time, probably 99% of the time, things run just fine. Websites function as […]