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Royal Wedding

Today was the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I woke up at 4:00 am to watch the coverage live and then proceeded to have the highlights on the TV most of the day.

Here are my impressions from the royal wedding:

Kate’s dress was beautiful!! Very […]

Man by road

An odd thing happened to me on my way home from church last Sunday. I was driving up Route 1 and I saw a body by the side of the road. Let me clarify….a human body. It was a shirtless man lying on his side half on a blanket. He was on […]


I saw this sign on the way home from dinner with my brother.  Sums up Easter beautifully. It said:


Isn’t that profound?

Hope everyone had a Happy and Blessed Easter!!

New Interpretation

I find it remarkable that I have heard the stories from the Bible my whole life yet I am still learning new things about those stories.

Every Good Friday I have heard about how Jesus suffered and died on the cross. I know it by heart. I know the WORDS […]

Maundy Thursday/Good Friday

Two services down, two to go.

Ok…maybe that’s not the best way to be thinking about Easter weekend.  But, as the services of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday do so well to remind me, I am a sinner. And sometimes my sinful self takes over and starts counting down the number of services I attend […]

Turnpike Toll Gift

I had a very busy day yesterday and today but, before I go to bed, I wanted to make note of something that happened when I was driving to Portland yesterday morning.

First, a little background…I have an EZ Pass for my vehicle. For those who don’t know, an EZ […]

Tax Day

Tax day was today. It was bumped from Friday, the 15th to today (the 18th) because Washington D.C. celebrates Emancipation Day on what should be tax day so it was changed to Monday. Emancipation Day celebrates the day, April 16, 1862, when Washington, D.C. became the first U.S. Territory to abolish slavery.

I found out […]

Spell that name

When I was at the grocery store earlier today, I noticed that one of the clerks scanning someone’s groceries was named Linzey. Really? Not Lindsey? Not Lindsay? But LINZEY? Why, oh why, did her parents do that to her???

I ask this question because my dad did it to me. […]

Psychic Connection

I’ve always thought that my brothers and sister and I have some sort of psychic connection. We just seem to think a lot and have the same thoughts at the same time.

I especially notice this in my older brother, Ted, and myself. He and I are only 18 months […]

Reality DVR

Having a DVR is playing with my reality. How? I keep wanting to rewind what is happening so I can see what I might have missed. Not rewind the TV but rewind my life.

For example, I just now heard a siren and looked up to see a police car racing […]