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A Joke

A friend just sent me a blonde joke and I thought I would share it with everyone as a way to end the month of March. I’m not sure who wrote it originally or I would give the person credit.

By the way, I feel perfectly comfortable telling blonde jokes since I am a […]

Old Van Update

I talked to my mechanic this afternoon about whether or not my van would pass inspection. Here in Maine, there is an inspection sticker on every vehicle that has to be renewed each year. A big square that sits on the windshield that is colored to correspond with the year for which the […]

Inconvenient Sleep

Why is it that I become incredibly sleepy when it is entirely inconvenient, such as at 4:00 in the afternoon, but when I am supposed to be sleepy and in bed, such as at 10:00 at night, sleep is illusive?

The low point in every day for me has always […]

Love and Support

I have discovered that I have a very large number of friends who love and support me. Not that I didn’t already know this but it was more a silent knowledge in my heart and mind but now it is front and center in my life.

As word has spread […]


I read somewhere that after Paul McCartney came up with a song while he was sleeping, he played it for people wanting to know where he had heard it before.  He was convinced it had to be a song that was already written but it turned out that he had written it.  If my memory […]


Fear drowns out faith.

It is hard when life is scary and fear grips you so tight you can hardly breath for faith to be strong and present. The thoughts racing through your head will vanquish any prayers that you try to pray and it feels like all is hopeless.


Big Flakes

Today is the first full day of spring.

Ah..springtime!  Gentle breezes, warm weather, flowers, green grass, birds chirping and big, fluffy snowflakes.  Yes, snowflakes!

We had 70 degree weather on Friday.  Then the temperature dropped and we had snow on Saturday morning.  No big deal.  Last full day of winter. We should have […]


Once again I had to call the police on my neighbors upstairs.

Last night, around 9:00, kids started arriving at the apartment above me. They were running up and down the stairs right outside my living room (wooden stairs – makes a lot of noise when people run/stomp up and down), playing music very loud […]

St. Patrick’s Day

I am not Irish.  I might have, way, way back in the family tree, one twig that was from Ireland.  But mostly I am a mixture of German, Dutch and the United Kingdom (English and Scottish).  I know this.  But when people see me today, they assume today is my day. Why do […]


I stopped today at the pharmacy on my way home from work.  My doctor had changed my prescription for my thyroid medicine and I needed to pick it up.  She has to readjust my thyroid medicine on occasion because my thyroid function is gradually decreasing.  Has been for years.  Part of having an overactive immune […]