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Purpose of Recipes

I love recipes.  I must since I own about 30 or more (emphasis on the “more”) cookbooks.  I like to read through them and think about making different dishes or whipping up a wonderful desert.

But I think much of my actual cooking doesn’t involve recipes. I will refer to a recipe if I am […]

Drug Testing

According to one of my friends on Facebook, Kentucky just passed a law that to be on food stamps, Medicaid or cash assistance for yourself or your children, you need to pass a drug test to receive the help. He wanted people who agreed to re-post this.

Well, I don’t agree.  What my initial reply […]


I’m a northern type of person who has always lived somewhere where there are four distinct seasons. Growing up in Michigan there were always the standard uniqueness that each season brings. Fresh springs full of beautiful flowers and soft warmth; hot summers with the deep greens of the trees and grass; cooler […]


There were some sad announcements at church this morning.  We have had a few people die in this past week.  My church is not really large although it isn’t the smallest church either. Average attendance hovers right below 100 each week. Although in the summer we can bump up to 120 or so for weeks.  […]

Lost and Found

Have you ever lost your wallet? I did over 10 years ago. I left my wallet sitting on the seat of my car after lunch and, within ten minutes of returning to the office, I received a call from someone in the building to tell me my window in my car was […]

Mystery Solved!

Well the mystery of the roasters has been solved!

I was at the Worship Committee meeting this evening and, at the end of the meeting, I mentioned to someone who I had thought bought the roasters (who, in turn, thought I had bought them) that we still didn’t know where they had come from  and […]


Cupid is sad and lonely. For those who haven’t been following current events, he is my one remaining cat since I had to put Kismet down last Friday (see the posting from last Saturday).

Cupid just seems sad and lonely. He is sleeping a lot, doesn’t really play too much […]

Today’s Thoughts (1/18/11)

Just a few thoughts at the end of a stormy day:

– It was nice watching the snow fall today, as long as I was just watching it from inside.  I had to run to the post office first thing this morning and I was sliding all over the place.  I probably should have waited […]


My kitty, Kismet, is gone. I had to have her put down yesterday. Very sad.

A little of Kismet’s life story. Kismet was from the second litter that my cat Francesca had about 10 years ago. The first litter had two kittens and I gave them to a guy I […]

Tucson Memorial Speech

I happened to flip over to Channel 6 (NBC) last night just in time for the introduction for President Obama at the Memorial Service for the victims of the shooting in Tucson, AZ last Saturday.

For those who don’t know, some mentally disturbed man went to a “meet & greet” event for the local congresswoman, […]