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Movie Glitches

A couple of friends and I went to see a movie yesterday.  It was “How Do You Know”.  It was ok.  More of a DVD kind of movie than a theater kind of movie.  Just seem to be a little convaluted and didn’t really flow very smoothly.  It had a few good moments but only […]

Lights Beneath Us

Flying home from Michigan. Had wonderful trip!!

There is free Wi-Fi on AirTran and I thought I would  share what I am seeing while up in the air.

We are just now passing over Philadelphia. As I look at all the lights down there, I am imagining what […]


Merry Christmas!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday full of peace, joy and love!!!

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve, Everyone!!

The presents are wrapped and under the tree.

My sister is in the kitchen making figgy pudding (literally – soaked in brandy and everything).

The kids are getting ready for Christmas Eve service.

All is peaceful, all is bright!

Here’s a wish for this Christmas night:

May everyone come to realize […]

Christmas Presents

Thoughts about what I wanted to buy everyone for Christmas passed into my mind for the past few months and then passed right out again. Most years I make a list, check it twice, etc. Actually I check it several times but I couldn’t resist writing “check it twice”. I always like to get just […]


Sitting in the airport in Baltimore. I have never been to Baltimore before and from what I see (the trees, the ground, the sky) it is a lovely place.

I am flying AirTran this holiday season. I have never used this airline before and so far, I really like it. I paid a […]

Beyond Belief

I have been beyond belief busy over the weekend. The grand plan is to leave Tuesday morning for Michigan to spend Christmas with my sister and her family. But in order to leave for a week, I have to make sure that things are covered at work (all the bills paid, supplies that […]


I admire people who can switch into a believable accent at the drop of a hat. Just will start talking with an Irish brogue in the midst of a conversation or do a whole soliloquy in an Italian accent. I can’t do that. I don’t even try. My accent is as my […]

Chasing Time

It feels like lately I am chasing time. I get ideas for things I would like to do for Christmas or in other areas of my life and, when I finally remember or get a moment to do them, time has slipped away and it is too late or other issues have arisen that weren’t […]

Political Consideration

Here is something that has been bothering me lately.  Why is it that people post things on Facebook of a political nature that is insulting to those on the other side? I don’t mean when people “like” something so that it appears on their wall that they support President Obama, former President Bush, Sarah Palin, […]