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Happy Halloween!

I am back from Washington D.C. Had a great trip!!  I plan on posting about it tomorrow but I just realized that it is Halloween.  I can’t let the holiday go by without posting my favorite pumpkin picture.  So here it is and Happy Halloween, everyone!!!



I went to the Jon Stewart’s Rally for Sanity in Washington, D.C. today.   It was a blast!!!

I am planning on writing more about it and maybe post a few pictures but that may not be until tomorrow.  I am staying at a friend’s house in Virginia so I am spending time with her rather […]

Black & White or Gray

On The Good Wife this week, the law firm that the show revolves around spent the episode debating about whether or not to take a civil case of a woman who was a masseuse who wanted to sue a very famous humanitarian for sexual assault.  I won’t go into details about the case because, if […]


Just a little bit of follow up to recent posts:

–        Regarding the posting on pottery – yup, my sister doesn’t read my blog.  At least she hasn’t read it yet.  She hasn’t e-mailed or called to say that she likes or dislikes her potential Christmas present.  Granted, she is running the family business, has […]

Moral Dilemma

Here is a moral dilemma for you:

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from church. A young family walked into the store right in front of me. A father, mother, little girl about three and a baby boy. Nice looking family. As I was wandering through […]

Pros and Cons

Driving around this afternoon, I was thinking of the pros and cons to the fall. A HUGE pro is the color of the trees. The colors this year are just spectacular! When the sun hits the trees at just the right angle, the leaves look like they are on fire. Absolutely brilliant […]

What he said…

I have been debating back and forth for the last couple of days on whether or not I should comment on Juan Williams being fired from NPR. In case you don’t know the story, you can read about it here:

I understand NPR’s position but I also […]


Finally someone with a voice and someone with a little bit of clout has spoken up about the fact that our civil liberties are being taken away in the interest of protecting us.

Apparently last week this pilot refused to step through the brand new invasive Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) that shows what a person […]


I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this but I do pottery.  I took Ceramics I and II in college as my art classes and this past summer I took a pottery class taught by someone at my church.  She has a different teaching technique than my college professor did and I learned so […]


I spent today having great conversations.  I had church this morning (as usual) and talked with a number of my fellow church members.  Catching up on their lives, sharing what has been happening in my life, and, sometimes, just simply discussing the beautiful fall weather.

After church, I went to the store to buy a […]