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So did you notice?  If you look at the calendar to the left, can you see the pattern? For the month of September, I posted every other day, on the even days, so that I made a checkerboard pattern on the calendar.

Why? Not sure.  I noticed it during the first week in July that […]

Fruit Flies

I have a bit of a fruit fly problem in my apartment. At first I thought it was some apples I had sitting on the counter so, to be safe, I threw them away. But I still had them flying around. Then, when I went to put some onions in my onion […]

Dave’s Birthday

Today is my brother Dave’s birthday.  I would tell you how old he is but then people would be able to figure out how old I am since he is my younger brother.  Let’s just say that he is firmly planted in adulthood.

I remember when my brother was born.  I was 3 ½ and […]

Fall Has Arrived

Today is the first full official day of Fall 2010!

I can’t believe that summer is actually over because it seemed like it went by so fast.  I did have a good summer from helping with VBC, taking a week off from work, having fun with friends, the one boating trip with my brother, etc.  […]

Home Sick

I stayed home from work today.  Woke up in the middle of the night with a stomachache and feeling completely nauseous.  I managed to avoid throwing up although, in retrospect, if I had just given in and thrown up, I might have felt better, gone back to sleep and woke up feeling better than I […]


A friend and I went to see “The American” yesterday afternoon.  Suffice to say, it is a really good movie although the previews are deceiving.  The previews seem to show a movie like the Bourne movies full of action and gunfights.  The movie isn’t like that.  It’s quieter and more contemplative.  And, when I say […]


I finished the third book by Stieg Larsson, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. Wow….just WOW! There was two parts towards the end of the book where I actually was so surprised with what was happening that I dropped the book. It was just so good!!

I have heard […]


Have you ever thought what would happen if we could read each other’s minds? What kind of chaos would ensue? What kind of relationships would be lost or damaged because people would really find out what people thought about them?

I was thinking about that this week when I was being lectured by someone (and, […]

Remembering Mom

This week marks the fourth anniversary of Mom’s entrance into heaven.  I can’t believe it has been four years.  It seems like just yesterday.  I wrote about it last year and, in the interest of not repeating myself, I’m including a link to that posting:

In honor of Mom, I put flowers on the […]

Another New Year

How many times a year do we celebrate a new year? The first and obvious answer is once, on January 1st, New Years Day. But is that the only time?

Many businesses have a fiscal year that does not follow the calendar year. For my church, our fiscal year officially […]