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Pesto and Blackberries

Today was another free Saturday for me.  Someone else wanted to do today’s power point and my theory is that if you create the power point, you should be able to run the power point during the service.  So the person creating the power point for today is going to run it so that means […]


July 29th and my brother and I finally went boating.  Last year the first day we went out on the lake was July 21st but that was due to a very rainy June.  This year it was a combination of thunderstorms and Ted being very busy with work.  Today all the stars aligned and he […]


I was reading an article in Newsweek this evening on IQ tests.  The article was about a study that showed that IQ’s are lower in countries with rampant disease and poverty and higher in countries that are healthier and richer.  The study showed that IQ’s are impacted by children growing up with disease and this […]

VBC Pictures

My church’s Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) this year was held on three Saturdays during July with yesterday being the third Saturday.  In the past it has been held the last week in June, which means that I couldn’t help out since I have to work. If I had kids I would take a week’s vacation […]

A Couple of Thoughts

Here are two thoughts for a Friday evening:

“Smile: It confuses people”

“If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague”

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of smiles and, well, vagueness!


Quite the series of thunderstorms this evening. A lot of lightning, thunder, rain and wind. And tornadoes. Yes, tornadoes. In Maine.

I used to live in Nebraska so I know all about tornadoes. The watches and the warnings. The silence before the ferocity of the storm when all one can […]

Songs Stuck

My brother’s birthday was yesterday. I always try to find a card for him that will make him laugh.  He really isn’t into the “touchy feely” kind of cards or anything with flowers and/or bunnies on it. But he likes stuff that makes him laugh but not stupid gross humor.  Something surprising and unexpected is […]

Warm Weather Conflicted

I heard a brief note on the news that January to June 2010 is the warmest on record. A rather brief statement that doesn’t have any details as to when they started keeping records, is it everywhere or just in the US and what does it mean. I researched it (meaning I […]

The Sermon

I just realized today that I never posted the sermon I heard at the Synod Assembly in Sturbridge, MA in June.  I had written briefly about it while I was at the assembly.  After I arrived home, I contacted, via e-mail, Pastor Elaine Hewes and asked her if I could have a copy of her […]

Today’s Thoughts (7/13/10)

A few thoughts on things that have been in the news lately:

–        I wasn’t going to comment on the whole Lindsey Lohan thing because, frankly, I think that it has been sensationalized and is overly dramatic.  But I do want to say three things about the whole thing.  First, her excuse that she couldn’t […]